The 38' × 12' × 20" Chadux Responder , an oil-spill recovery boat built at Reynolds Marine in Anchorage, Alaska, for the Alaska Chadux Corp., was delivered in late August.

The aluminum 38-footer is the first oil-spill response boat built at Reynolds Marine, a boat shop that opened in 2008. Prior to opening his own shop, Reynolds Marine owner Charlie Reynolds helped design and build oil-spill boats at Peregrine Marine and Grayling Boats , both also in Anchorage.

Reynolds and Alaska Chadux Corp., a non-profit, oil-spill response group in Anchorage, worked together on the design of the boat. "There were no drawings, just some sketches. We were talking back and forth. It was a combination of what they wanted and my designing," he said.

The bow features a 7-foot-wide landing ramp for loading and unloading oil-spill booms. They can also be hauled through doors on each side of the boat.

Reynolds said the boat had several interesting features. There are six sockets with quick-release electrical plug-ins at various places around the boat, so a capstan or davit can be moved from one place to another, depending on the need. For instance there's a socket up forward for a capstan to haul the anchor.

The capstans are powered by batteries, which are charged by twin 250-hp Yamaha outboards. The outboards also push the Chadux Responder up to 34 knots with fuel tanks filled and normal gear aboard, Reynolds said.

The deck has lifting eyes for hoisting the boat (14,500 lbs. dry weight) onto a larger vessel.

Pull a pin on the bottom brackets of the push knees and the push knees can be pulled out 2", flipped over and pinned back in place. They are then ready to push small barges that are close to the surface of the water.

The rear windows of the pilothouse have screens, so if the towline that's wrapped around the aft towing post snaps, the line won't go through one of the windows.

And below those windows on the port and starboard corners of the wheelhouse are fuel fills - one gas and one diesel. The fills are inside box-like structures that hold 5 gals. in case of an overfill.

The diesel fuel is for a diesel-fired heater in the pilothouse.

The Chadux Responder can also carry oil-skimming equipment. Hydraulics for that equipment will be powered by a 13-hp Honda hydraulic power pack.

The new boat will be based in Whittier, Alaska.

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38-Foot Oil-Response Boat for Alaska

by Michael Crowley in "Around the Yards" – November 2010

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