When you head out to sea to make that all-important opening, you owe yourself and your crew the very best commercial fishing boat on the market. Reynolds Marine understands your needs, and has the skill and experience to manufacture and equip the toughest and best-performing bowpicker you can find anywhere.

Reynolds Marine has built more than 30 bowpickers, and our experience shows in every boat. Constructed of xx-grade aluminum, our customers may select from a wide range of options for propulsion, interior amenities, deck gear, electronics, safety features, and price ranges. Begin your journey by exploring our bowpicker Project Gallery and Specifications pages at the top of this page.

Bowpickers are used in fisheries throughout Alaska, and are particularly popular it the Prince William Sound salmon fisheries for this reason and that reason. We here at Reynolds Marine understand that as a commercial fisherman, you boat represents the biggest and most important investment you can make in your profession.


are the single most popular boat we build here at Reynolds Marine. This style of boat is characterized by the positioning of the cabin at the aft, with the deck gear and working space in the forward two-thirds of the boat.